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A jet stream in Europa’s ocean?

Jupiter’s moon Europa likely has a subsurface ocean, possibly salty, with volcanic vents on its ocean floor. A new study suggests it might also have an oceanic jet stream, comparable to the Gulf Stream back here on Earth.

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Scientists Prepare for Mission to Europa

NASA’s Europa Clipper spacecraft could launch as early as 2023 to investigate one of the solar system’s most mysterious moons.

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Water on Europa—with a Pinch of Salt.

Much like Earth’s seas, the subsurface ocean of this icy moon of Jupiter contains sodium chloride, the main ingredient of table salt.

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Forget the Moon—We Should Go to Jupiter's Idyllic Europa.

Even though a landing on Europa is more than a decade away, some engineers are already testing drills to burrow through the ice sheet to the life-giving ocean below.

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Life Could Exist Just an Inch Below the Surface of Europa.

Jupiter’s moon Europa, which is thought to possess a large liquid water ocean beneath its icy crust, is one of the most compelling targets in the search for life beyond Earth. Its geologically young surface, along with a number of surface features, indicate that material from Europa’s interior may be emplaced on the surface.

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These Seafaring Robots Will Search for Life Across the Solar System

Submarines and rovers will go for a dive on the moons of Jupiter and Saturn.

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Seeking Salt That Surfaces from Europa’s Hidden Ocean

Irradiation-induced color changes in sodium chloride could reveal whether it came from ocean water mixing with surface water, a key component of the moon’s potential to support life.

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To Get to Europa, Think Like MacGyver

A look at the idea lab where scientists are preparing for a fly-by mission to one of Jupiter’s icy moons.

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